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Common Queries and Questions

  1. What information do i need to make reservations?
  2. Whats Service you have as a car service?

Before asking any question we strongly recommend you to read our Privacy Policy page that will show you lots of answer about what Data we collect and how we promise to keep them safe and also take your time and take a look at our Terms of Service page that explain clearly about our services, rates, safety, special handling and refund policy.

Who we are, and who is Safe Transportation LLC?

I used to be a full time driver and still you can see me in the street as a driver once and while because I have a very close relationship with my partners in this business, and I believe if I work with them in the street, I can manage my business way better. I decided to create my own company after a few years in 2015. I’ve been trained as a professional chauffeur in EXECUCAR and also graduated as a Software Technology Engineer, who always had a dream to run a top-notch business based on trust and professionalism. During the time, I found lots of friends in different limousine companies, and all of them were drivers who work hard for big corporates like EXECUCAR, Supershuttle, etc. They are my family. I know everything about my family. I know their driving ability, backgrounds, their knowledge, their customer service, and etc. and trust me they’re real drivers with good experience, And We’re Safe Transportation LLC. It’s not just me; it is my family, a small family of Safe drivers who try to grow and serve you in Phoenix, Arizona. Like what Alfred A. Montapert said: All lasting business is built on friendship.

Black luxury car service is what we offer! We offer SUV and sedan transportation to and from the airport and also for an special occasion and point to point. For more information about our services check Services page.

If you make a reservation online, we only offer secure online payment through Capital Square gateway (short Known as Square) and also Stripe for now. We accept most of the credit cards like VISA, Master cards, AMEX, JCB, Discover, and Union pay. You can Also choose to use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Well, It’s a general question, but it depends on a few factors. If you make your reservation and change your minds or made any mistake we can adjust your reservation or cancel it and you will get full refund IF you call us 24 hours before of pick up time. no refund will issued if you call the same day based on 24 hours rules (the reason is we forward your reservation a day before to our drivers and they have chance to accept different reservation and last minute cancellation can easily mess their schedules). For more details about Refund policies, we recommend you to check our Terms of Service page.

Prearranged vehicle spots are designated pick-up area for vehicles which have prearranged Decal on their windshield and pay a monthly fee to stop in that area. Drivers can stay in this area for 10 minutes to pick-up their customers. In terminal 3, door number 3 or 5, North side of the building, outer curb. Terminal 4, door number 3, north side of the building, outer curb.

Yes. As long as you mention your guest’s name, phone number and flight information in additional info field during reservation, it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

It’s simple, We have a chance to contact other companies and forward your reservations to them, but we are not one of those dealers. We’re a real business that offers what we are professional at. What you see is what you get. You might see lots of ground transportation businesses in phoenix who accept your reservation and forward it to another company to get benefits. we don’t do that. we are honest and upfront when it’s come to business!

They are definitely are not uber or lyft drivers since we really have strict rules and regulation They’re experienced, professional, and trained drivers with a clean driving background who work as an independent contractors only with high end limousine companies such Safe Transportation.

We treat all our clients as VIP. You have to understand our drivers are all independent and professional. In some cases, they can reject to provide service or ask you to leave their car, such: using offensive language, playing the race card, being too drunk, having underage children without booster or car seat, if the client make a mess in vehicles or even loading more than vehicle capacity. All our cars have a dashcam, and we’ll make sure everything will be apparent in such a situation. You maybe want to call and explain your complaint and if the problem is our driver, we guarantee to refund your money and ban him from our fleet.

No matter where your Hotel or Event is located!

Safe Transportation drivers will be happy to drive you in a luxury vehicle to your destination.

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